Traditional Japanese craftsmanship, with a modern approach to a healthier lifestyle.

We are a craft beverage maker from Japan. We follow the Japanese Kanso philosophy and only use what is truly necessary. A healthier and more wholesome approach to crafting drinks.


Our Philosophy

We wanted a drink that we could share with our children, our grandparents and friends.  A drink without bad ingredients, that can be enjoyed by everybody. Our drinks are made "for you," or as we say in Japanese "kimino."

Ethical Farming, Direct Trade

For decades, farms have been disappearing at an alarming rate in Japan.  We are proud to have relationships with every farmer we work with, traveling to the origins during each harvest.  Though direct trade, we hope to make a small yet positive impact to Japan’s agriculture industry.

Reaching the World

Our goal is to bring healthier and authentic seasonal Japanese flavors to you. Our drinks are available online and in stores and restaurants across nine countries (and growing) in Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia.